13 November 2023

Lighting in public buildings

There are certain European standards and requirements for lighting in public buildings. Therefore, It is always important to make a correct lighting study and select the appropriate products to meet these requirements. Multiline advises and assists architects, building owners, engineering firms, etc., from estimation and lighting study to completion and after-sales service.

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Specific directives for public buildings

In Europe, there are specific guidelines for lighting in public buildings. The requirements differ depending on the implementation, with attention to Human Centric Lighting. For instance for museums, color rendering is very important. The RA must be at least 90. In theaters and cinemas, there are very different requirements for spotlights on stage. There is a lot of variation between different types of buildings and even between different spaces in the same building.


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Public buildings include:

Each type of building has its own specific target values in relation to lighting. That is why we rely on an essential preparation for every project: the lighting study. In such a study, we take into account the following parameters:

  • Average illuminance (lux)
  • Uniform light distribution (uniformity)
  • Color rendering (RA)
  • Glare factor (UGR or Unified Glare Rating)
  • Reflection values of the room and furniture

The benefits of Multiline lighting in public buildings

For any type of project, we always have to consider many different angles. An engineering office is usually well informed about the current guidelines and legislation, such as EPB regulations and WELL Building Standards. In addition, architects put (aesthetic) requirements on the table. Building owners sometimes have their own ideas as well. At Multiline, we always think along with all parties involved to achieve a comfortable, aesthetic, healthy and sustainable result. Our goal is to achieve a qualitative balance between the various perspectives.


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A Multiline luminaire for every situation

Our products provide many possibilities for public buildings. As experts in custom design and manufacturing, we offer special designs as solutions for the different functions in a building. This creates a whole lot of flexibility for all parties involved and allows many interesting combinations. Some popular choices for public buildings are Rekta 30, Rekta 40, Rekta 65 or the new series Offside. Each series has its own specific advantages in terms of lighting optics and ease of installation. Multiple systems even offer the combination of light line and track system.

Dimmable and addressable systems such as the smart light management system ‘DALI’ are also used quite regularly in public buildings. These systems make it possible to program certain scenes in addition to detecting defective drivers quickly and easily, which means you can counteract the aging of LED lighting more easily with this system. In addition to our extensive and flexible product range, we naturally guarantee excellent service, which includes the development of detailed lighting plans.

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