24 May 2024

Lighting trends in 2024

At Multiline, we closely monitor the needs of our customers and partners during the selection process. This makes it easier for us to anticipate new lighting trends. Discover below the trends for 2024.

Verlichting in 2024

Smart lighting

Four years ago, wireless lighting control and dimming were already a hot topic. Nowadays, we often include it as a standard feature in our products. We provide a module in the luminaire to dim the lighting, change the color or choose between direct and indirect light via a Bluetooth connection. The wireless aspect is especially on the rise in luminaires for private projects. In offices, people still generally prefer the wired systems to have more operational security and to reduce the number of failures. With a DALI system, however, anything is possible in terms of smart lighting.


In terms of design, we see that minimalism remains a popular choice. These days, it is the trend to make everything as small and elegant as possible. People like to use narrow luminaires in order to create an attractive line formation. One of the smallest profiles in our range, Rekta 30, is a perfect choice for this line concept. Playful shapes are also possible with our tubular profile, Snake. As one can imagine, materials and shapes play a major role in contemporary designs.



In terms of color, residential lighting is more trend-sensitive. Most materials are usually adapted to the rest of the interior. People like to opt for warm tones and anodized shades such as bronze, gold, rose gold or copper. Fortunately, most of our luminaires can be painted in any desired RAL color. Those who like to go a step further can choose their own unique style with Biko.


Biko met personaliseerbare blindplaat


Even in public buildings, warmer shades have been used more often in recent years to create a homely atmosphere. For offices, white and black still remains a popular combination. Depending on the project, there are also trends toward warm tones.

Wellbeing and ergonomics

Many people spend more hours at work than at home. Therefore, employers are increasingly trying to create a more welcoming atmosphere in the workplace as well. They are now more likely to see the benefit of ergonomic workplace lighting. That way, employees feel good in their work environment and it is easier to attract applicants. Acoustics are also an important aspect of creating a more efficient and less distracting work environment.

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