11 July 2023

Rekta 30: the slimmest profile in our range

Meet the slimmest light fixture in our collection: Rekta 30. This model is a particularly elegant light fixture, developed specifically for combination with the Rekta 30 SAPP. Despite its remarkably small dimensions, all components are inside the profile.

Rekta 30

In response to the increasing demand for thinner and slimmer profiles, we created the Rekta 30 and the Rekta 30 SAPP, which was developed specifically for integration into the well-known SAPPceiling (Smart Accoustic Passive Power) of Interalu and the 30BD ceiling of Hunter Douglas. The base profile of 30x30mm is always in line with the slats of the ceiling. In addition, Rekta 30 was developed. More specifically to achieve a uniform appearance when other luminaires are also needed in the same room as the Rekta 30 SAPP. Rekta 30 in turn served as the basis for the Rekta 40 M and was also the inspiration behind the concept of Grip.


Less risk of failure

With Rekta 30, we opted to use two profiles: the light profile and the base profile. The base profile is 30x60mm or 30x80mm (for indirect light) and the 30x30mm light profile can be adjusted in length depending on the choice of recessed and/or surface-mounted spotlights or linear LED boards. Integration of spotlights into the base profile is also an option.

During assembly or disassembly, the light profile always remains closed, which simplifies installation and significantly reduces the risk of defects since the LED boards remain untouched. The light profile is clicked onto the base profile and always equipped with an additional fall protection.


Versatile application

The aforementioned climate ceilings are often found in offices and conference rooms. So those are the projects in which the Rekta 30 usually appears, but its functionality is much broader than that. We also see the Rekta 30 in private houses and public buildings, such as in library De Krook in Ghent, where the Rekta 30 first saw the light of day. To really stand out, it is, for example, possible to create level differences with surface-mounted or recessed spot modules. Our Rekta 30 can also be made in all RAL colors.

Do you need a flexible lighting solution?

At Multiline, we consider as many different perspectives as possible when developing our products. That’s why the Rekta 30 is a favorite among engineering firms and installers, as well as the end customer.

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