11 July 2023

Customized lighting for your ceiling

At Multiline, we offer customized lighting solutions for all types of suspended ceilings. From active to passive, from wood, felt to metal. Our customized lighting contributes to a seamless whole. Whether your goal is more thermal, aesthetic or acoustic comfort, our customized products are a perfect fit for your concept.

Verlichting verlaagd plafond

Universally applicable

We provide solutions for any type of ceiling, without the need for the ceiling builder to consider them. In most projects, we provide solutions for active climate ceilings, such as for the offices of Marcel Caenen Verzekeringen or Nelissen Verzekeringen. Passive aesthetic suspended ceilings made of metal, wood or felt, for example, are also perfectly possible, such as for the offices of Ardo or shopping center Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam. Multiline has plenty of experience with most manufacturers of suspended ceilings such as Interalu, Beddeleem, HunterDouglas, Lindner….


Plug and play

Regardless of the type of ceiling, we manufacture our custom fixtures to so that they fit seamlessly into the ceiling. Based on the structure of the ceiling, we provide the necessary components and accessories such as brackets to connect our products. Even after installation, for some products it is possible to change the position of our luminaires without making adjustments to the ceiling.

Thanks to our products, installers can work with ready-made plug & play fixtures. Our only requirement is knowledge about the construction of the ceiling. We equip our products so that the installer does not have to disassemble them. By doing so, an installer does not come into contact with the electronic components, which reduces the risk of defects and speeds up the installation considerably.


Different diameters

Our most popular custom products for suspended ceilings are our light line systems, such as the various Rekta profiles. A major advantage of our range are the variable diameters, which means we have a solution available for almost any type of ceiling. If there is a big project and the required solution does not yet exist in our current range, we will develop a new customized product.


We think along with you

In short, Multiline offers you customized lighting solutions for any type of suspended ceiling. Ideal for commercial buildings, office complexes, public buildings, etc., where ergonomics, aesthetics and comfort are among the intended results.

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