23 May 2024

Innovative lighting technology at Multiline

The needs of our clients are constantly evolving. In order to meet this challenge, Multiline is strongly committed to innovation, quality and development. We have a good sense of what is going on in the market by working closely with architects, engineers, designers and installers. These important connections allow us to provide the most innovative lighting technology. In this blog, we explain how we are able to do this.

Custom-made lighting solutions

Most innovations emerge from the market itself: customers ask for certain types of solutions. Before we launch new innovations, we have intense brainstorming sessions in our development department. Our main goal is to properly analyze the demand so that we create added value on both a technical and economical level.

Using our ISO roadmap, we create drawings and models, which we evaluate several times in order to achieve the most efficient solution. We differentiate ourselves by being flexible and making in-house adjustments quickly. This enables us to develop light fixtures that perform better than the standard. A range of our products is therefore ENEC-certified.



Design and modulation

In recent years, we have noticed a growing demand for compact design. At the same time, people expect that the light display will continue to improve. Our Rekta 30 2.0 is a good example of this evolution.

By developing a new louvre (with 25% more light output compared to the Rekta 30), we managed to adjust the dimensions of this luminaire at the same time. This gave us the opportunity to redevelop the fixation system, which also significantly improved installation. Thanks to these changes, we were able to catch two birds with one stone.


LED technology and energy efficiency

With the breakthrough of LED technology in 2014, we made great strides in terms of energy efficiency. The amount of lumen per watt increased dramatically in the first few years, only to slow down again now. As the development of LED technology is now rather stagnant, we still try to generate more light output by striving for optics with an efficiency of at least 85%. For example, we recently developed a Rekta 20 with improved optics: a plastic louvre with reflector, a technology that we are also going to use for Rekta 30, Rekta 40, Snake, Offside, Grip, etc.

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