19 July 2021

Custom linear lighting for public library De Krook in Ghent

Listed by the BBC as one of the 10 most beautiful libraries in the world. De Krook in Ghent is an internationally renowned library building, and rightly so. We contributed to the design of the interior and developed lighting solutions in function of the climate ceiling.

De Krook is a place of inspiration for knowledge, culture and innovation. The building provides a  home for imec, Ghent University and De Krook Library. In the library people can obviously borrow books, as well as read, study, attend a lecture, visit an exhibition or enjoy a drink and snacks. The building is a true architectural gem with an open structure, made of many warm materials in mainly shades of brown and grey.


The challenges

The company VK Engineering contacted us for this project and asked us to offer a solution for the lighting in the library. The engineers were looking for luminaires that could be integrated into the climate ceilings of the company Interalu. These SAPP (Smart Acoustic Passive Power) ceilings consist of narrow 30 mm slats with an opening of 20 mm between each slat. Our lighting had to fit in line with the slats, so it was crucial that our profile had the same width as the slat, namely 30 mm.

In addition to that specific requirement, there were a few other criteria that our luminaires had to meet:

  • The luminaires had to be equipped with sensors to enable daylight control.
  • Optimal lighting comfort was a must (UGR<19) so that visitors would never be blinded by the lighting.
  • The lighting had to match the architecture of the building from both a functional and aesthetic perspective.
  • A high ease of installation was an additional advantage.


The result

After the detailed studies and lighting calculations, we developed a new luminaire, a derivative of our Rekta 30: the Rekta 30 SAPP. This linear light system fits perfectly in line with the slats of the SAPP ceiling and thus blends seamlessly into the climate ceiling.

Our luminaires in De Krook have the following features:

  • They are extruded, aluminium H-shaped profiles that fit perfectly into the climate ceiling.
  • Thanks to a VDT louvre, they meet the requested UGR <19 value, which is desired in libraries.
  • They are equipped with dali drivers and daylight sensors. The luminaires adjust their light intensity individually according to the presence of natural light. All sensors are integrated in the ceiling.
  • The brackets for the profiles have been developed in such a way that the luminaires can be easily installed and connected via a Wieland connector. Compare it to a plug & play system that guarantees a smooth installation. Thanks to this system, it is also easy to do repairs or make adjustments to the profiles or ceiling.


Construction of De Krook

De Krook fits into a larger Masterplan, with the aim of reviving what used to be a no-go zone. In 2011, the demolition of obsolete buildings started on the site where De Krook is now located. In order to avoid heavy traffic through the city of Ghent as much as possible, debris was transported by water: the largest operation of debris transport by water ever in Ghent.

The architecture firm Coussée & Goris Architecten, who have their office in Ghent, created the building, together with the Catalan firm RCR Arquitectes. De Krook opened its doors in March 2017.

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Location (city): Ghent, Belgium

Architect: Coussée & Goris + RCR Arquitectes

Engineering: VK Engineering

Installer: VMA

Photography: Bart Gosselin

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