11 May 2022

New product Offside: ease of installation at its finest

Built for speed. Speed of installation, more specifically. Meet the Offside: “Of all our products, it is the easiest to install”, says managing director Klaus Rahne. “Ideal for projects where things have to move fast.”

Just like the Grip, the Offside was also designed by product designer Stan Maes. Once again, the idea was clear: to develop an elegant and slim line of light.

Yet there is an important difference between the two new profiles. “We took a more aesthetic approach for the Grip, with an emphasis on creativity. For Offside, we put the focus on the ease of installation,” Klaus explains.

“Still, I believe there is so much more to the Offside than just its technical strengths. It has become a very beautiful and versatile product. By playing with colour and different light combinations, there are enough possibilities to tailor it to the needs of your project or to apply it as a simple wall fixture.

Ease of installation

But still: the technical aspect prevails. “Our customers demand lighting solutions that are quick to install. In the public procurement market, such as hospitals and residential care centres, but also in offices, it’s all about making meters. A typical feature of these projects is the huge number of long light lines. The Offside is our response to that demand.”

“For all our designs, we pay special attention to the ease of installation. With Offside, we now go a step further. With most light profiles, as an installer you have to remove the LED modules in addition to the diffuser so that the power supply and mounting holes are accessible.

Immediately mountable

“This is not the case with the Offside. When mounting this profile, you only need to pull the infill panel out by using the supplied tab, which is already glued around the infill panel.  If you remove the tab, you will see the mounting holes and a free cable passage. This method avoids contact with the LED modules and eliminates the risk of damaging the electrical components. In other words, there is no need to dismantle anything. Mount the profile, connect the power supply, if necessary mechanically link it with the next profile, pull the wiring through and you’re done. The Offside is available in up to six meters in one piece.

So far the explanation for the meters. Next, Klaus also delves a bit deeper into the beautiful features of the product. “The Offside is developed for surface- and wall-mounting. With a width of barely six cm and a height of three cm, the end result looks slim and light. It barely protrudes from the ceiling. That’s why I don’t only see it being used in corridors, but also in offices as individual light lines with a louvre optic (UGR<19)”.

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