18 February 2022

Largest oval luminaire for the town hall in Beringen

The installer who was entrusted with the lighting of the new town hall in Beringen contacted us because he was familiar with our customised products. In this project, the customer requested exceptional and completely custom designed light lines. Our speciality.

Liquidline ovalen armatuur stadhuis beringen

Largest oval luminaire

The council chamber in the new town hall has become a real gem. The room used to be the chapel of the old college, which immediately created a special atmosphere. In the council chamber there is a large oval desk where all the council members can sit. Our task was to create a luminaire that perfectly follows the shape of this desk. Using the design drawings, we made the oval luminaire in line with the axis of the desk. For Multiline, this is the largest fixture we ever made in that shape. (In the entrance hall of the council chamber, you already get a small foretaste of this with our Anilo ring luminaire).

Providing mounting equipment for the large oval luminaire was a challenge. The new ceiling in the council chamber had no load-bearing capacity whatsoever and the luminaire had to remain manageable for the installer. Therefore, we calculated in advance in how many pieces we could deliver the luminaire and how many steel wires had to go through the ceiling in order to mount it. This way, the installer had clear guidelines for the mounting of the luminaire.

Liquidline ovalen armatuur detail bevestiging stadhuis beringen

Customised light lines for the stairway hall

The stairway halls in the town hall are large concrete areas from top to bottom. To illuminate these, we made a custom-made light line for the corner of the stairwell. Between the floors, openings were made to provide the electrical connection between the various luminaires. This way, it seems as if the luminaires continue uninterrupted from top to bottom.

The ease of installation was also a point of concern. For us, it is perfectly feasible to make a 5-metre luminaire in one piece, but that could cause problems during installation. Therefore, we delivered the light line in several pieces. For this part of the project, the Rekta 40/70 with emergency lighting was used.


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