27 January 2022

Human Centric Lighting with tunable white

We notice that architects, engineers and building owners are paying more attention to 'Human Centric Lighting' in their projects. Tunable White lighting plays an important role in this topic. What exactly is Human Centric Lighting and where can you best apply it? Find out in this article.

verschillende kleurtemperaturen tunable white

What is Human Centric Lighting?

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) takes the needs of the end user as its starting point in order to develop an optimal lighting system. This is logical, as light has a major impact on how we feel. The natural biorhythm of humans is tuned to the cycle of daylight. Cool light in the morning makes us alert, warm light in the evening makes us sleepy.

Human Centric Lighting mimics the cycle of daylight with artificial light. This way, the natural biorhythm is not disturbed. Studies on HCL show positive effects on concentration, alertness, sleep and the user’s mood.

Where can Human Centric Lighting be applied?

Due to the impact of HCL on the well-being of the user, the topic has always received a lot of attention in healthcare facilities. In recent years we have seen the interest increase in office projects as well. An employer naturally wants his employees to feel at their best so that they can also perform optimally. We therefore expect to see more and more projects with an HCL concept in the coming years.

How can you apply Human Centric Lighting?

In order to mimic daylight, the intensity and colour of the lighting must be adjusted throughout the day. This is not possible with standard lighting, but it is with Tunable White. By using twice as many LEDs, Tunable White lighting switches smoothly between different colour temperatures. The use of CRI90 LEDs also ensures that the emitted light is very similar to the colour spectrum of sunlight. This means that the light can be optimally adjusted depending on the time of day and the needs of the user.

At Multiline, most of our indoor luminaires are also available in Tunable White. Due to the use of twice as many LEDs and a more complex control system, the cost price is higher than for our standard lighting.

Tunable white, a real mood enhancer

The possibility of adjusting the colour temperature makes tunable white interesting for other applications as well. Colour temperature is essential for the creation of a certain atmosphere in a room. A low colour temperature provides warm, cosy light. A high colour temperature provides cooler, bluish-white light. A restaurant, for example, will opt for warm light, an office for cool light. With tunable white you, as an architect or installer, give your client the opportunity to adjust the lighting according to the occasion. Think, for example, of rooms that change function or can be used for both seminars and receptions.

Do you have any questions about Human Centric Lighting or Tunable White? Or would you like more advice? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!


Technical data:

2 options: 700 lumen/feet, 1500 lumen/feet

Colour range: 2700 – 6500 K

Dimming range: 3-100%

Standard > CRI 90

Dali 8 driver

Minimum lifetime: 50.000 burning hours

Warranty: 5 year

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