21 March 2023

Nio: outdoor lighting with an extra dimension

With Nio as outdoor lighting, you can go in different directions. Two to be exact. Nio distinguishes itself from other bollard lights on the market thanks to its unique L-profile with two light sources. This feature also caught the eye of the jury of the European Product Design Award. Discover in this blog post what our Nio can offer you.

Nio buitenverlichting met een extra dimensie

Nio is a new type of outdoor lighting that blends seamlessly into its surroundings thanks to its minimalist design. The linear light makes the product unique among all the other lamps on the market. Thanks to the L-profile, you can clearly define an open space using beams of light that intersect each other at 90 degrees.

A staircase, a walkway or a driveway: Nio offers interesting applications and an aesthetic signage.


European Product Design Award: Nio


European Product Design Award

Like our other products Biko, Grip and Plato, Nio also saw the light of day in the studio of product designer Stan Maes. Everyone is very enthusiastic about Nio!” Stan says. Its interesting features also caught the eye of the jury of the European Product Design Award. Stan Maes Product Design received this award in the lighting/outdoor lighting category.

Inspiration can come from unexpected places. “I came up with the idea for the Nio by simply tinkering with a profile from the hardware store. Initially, I designed Nio as an indoor profile, but it had more potential as outdoor lighting. I placed the very first functional prototype in my own garden, on the corner of my terrace. That’s also the place where the first product photos were taken.”


Nio buitenverlichting in daglicht


Sustainable customized outdoor lighting

Circular integration is always an important step in the design process of Stan Maes. The goal is to design sustainable products based on the R-strategy. That R-strategy defines the 10 basic principles that lead to a circular product. This is also an essential added value of all Multiline luminaires.

The luminaire is made from an aluminium extrusion profile and a polycarbonate extrusion profile. A ribbed satin diffuser provides uniform and soft light distribution. The diffuser is available in white or black. Even when it’s light is not on, the Nio remains a true eye-catcher.



Inspired by Nio?

Nio is available as L- or I-profile in the length of your choice. Our team of experienced light consultants and architects will be happy to assist you with their professional advice.

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