15 February 2023

Biko: the customizable luminaire

From a marble to wood or copper look, let your creativity flow for your own Biko. Every combination is possible with this luminaire. Biko is the best choice for people who want to make a link between architectural lighting and their own personal touch in an interior. Designed from a circular mindset and with attention to contemporary sustainability aspects. We present to you: Biko.

Biko in pendelversie

We often have several reasons for the development of a new Multiline product. Our luminaires often originate from a practical or technical need, but we created Biko in response to the demand for architectural lighting with unique aesthetic assets.

Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko… the story behind Biko

Fun fact: there is music in the name. In fact, Biko is named after Steve Biko, the South African civil rights activist who campaigned against apartheid around the 1970s. Also referred to in the Peter Gabriel song of the same name. Biko stands for bicolor, or two-colored, which is reflected in the Biko thanks to the customizable side panel.

Biko met personaliseerbare blindplaat

Biko fits in any interior

A side panel with a specific look can be clicked into the aluminum housing of Biko. This gives the luminaire a unique style. You can choose from more than 200 different RAL colors from our own paint plant, an anodized copper or bronze look or a laminate with a wood or marble look. Everything is possible.



In addition to the side panel, Biko can be equipped with different types of diffusers. Especially the black PMMA diffuser catches the eye. With this feature, the light source is not visible when the light is off, allowing Biko to completely blend into the interior. For the plexi diffuser, the infill panel and optional spotlights, there are different options in terms of tactility. You can choose between a ribbed or a sleek, flat finish. This fully customizable luminaire is available in a pendant, recessed or surface-mounted version.

Customizable = durable

Biko is a design by Stan Maes Product Design. The option for distinctive personalization appears more often in his designs, as with Biko. An important reason for this is circularity: we generally attach more importance to a product to which we can add our own touch. This makes it easier to form an emotional connection with the product, so we tend to use it longer.

Multiline fully agrees with this sustainable vision. We are committed to a circular economy with circular lighting in as many ways as possible, from product development to after-sales service. Some examples: we use extrusion profiles consisting of 79% recycled aluminum, our LED modules are manufactured conform the Zhaga norm and we offer advice on relighting and refitting.


Biko matcht met uw interieur

Curious about all the possibilities with Biko?

Biko is the perfect solution for conference rooms or executive offices, but also for residential interiors when owners are looking for premium lighting with an extra personal touch. As an interior architect or designer, you can leave your own unique mark on the entire interior with Biko.

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