19 July 2021

Custom lighting solutions: our assembly department brings light to life

The assembly department is the beating heart of Multiline. It is the place where all parts of our lighting systems come together and are transformed into a complete product. It is with great pleasure that we give you a look behind the scenes.


Filling profiles with light: that’s what happens in a nutshell in our assembly department. In this stage of the production process, the extruded aluminium profiles have already passed the sawing and machinery department as well as the paint shop. The profiles were cut to the required length, received the necessary mounting and power supply holes and were powder coated.

Next to the finished, painted profiles, there are many components required to create a customized lighting fixture. Just think of the LED boards, drivers, sensors, wiring… These parts are collected by our warehouse staff per project and prepared for the assembly team.


From production drawing to complete luminaire

Clear-cut production drawings are a must to successfully carry out the assembly of lighting systems. These drawings or plans are made by our sales staff, and subsequently verified by the production manager. After sawing, processing and painting the profile, it is ready to go to the assembly team.

The work of our assemblers starts with a thorough quality check: do the profiles have a paint error or a scratch? Are the dimensions correct? Only after the check will they actually start with the assembly. This is done with the greatest precision and attention to detail. Both visually and technically the end product must be correct.


The strengths of our assembly department


Each luminaire is treated as a unique product that requires our full attention. As we make many customized luminaires, there is a lot of variation in the assembly work. Light line systems can be equipped with various sensors, different types of drivers, various diffusers… This can makes the mounting process more complex at times, but above all more fascinating. We prefer customized work over standard assembly line work, because that is exactly where we can distinguish ourselves.

Flexibility and  handwork

Customization and flexibility are inextricably linked. We are very flexible because we still count on the handwork of our experts wherever necessary. That way we can design our lighting solutions according to the wishes of the customer, and adapt our luminaires to each specific situation.

Short lead time

Even with all the customization and handwork, we still have a very short lead time. Thanks to our team of experienced technicians, a custom light line system is ready for shipment in an average of three weeks. That in itself is quite fast, we can even say that we are among the best in the class.


Technician Johan sheds light on his experience

Johan has been working as a technician at Multiline for 24 years now. He knows the assembly department like no other.

Johan: “Whoever says Multiline immediately thinks of customization. That’s always been the case and that’s what I like best about my job. Customization means that I can also contribute to the manufacturing process of our luminaires, that I don’t just have to carry out the same tasks every day.”

“The biggest challenge lies in the integration of special techniques, such as fire protection, light sensors or motion detectors. In such cases, the connection is often very different and more cables are needed. This requires more brainwork, but I get a lot of satisfaction from that.”

“As technician, I help monitor the quality of our luminaires. We inspect all parts and check whether the plans are correct. Subsequently, all luminaires in our test department are subjected to an insulation and earthing test. The tester also checks all features related to the functioning of the fixture, as well as the requested colour temperature. This is how we guarantee the quality of our products.”

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