12 March 2024

New product: Rekta 30 2.0, The Reinvented Luminaire

With an upgrade of the Rekta 30, we are once again pushing our boundaries in terms of efficiency and aesthetics in lighting. With this new product, we build on the success of the Rekta 20 and introduce exciting new possibilities for offices and spaces with diverse requirements. We present to you: Rekta 30 2.0.

Rekta 30 2.0

Key improvements: efficiency and modulation

The Rekta 30 2.0 is specially designed for buildings where flexibility is important, such as office buildings where modulation is an essential feature. The luminaire has a similar
build to its predecessor but is equipped with advanced lighting technology, guaranteeing a uniform lighting experience with modulation up to 2.70 meters. We opted for optimized optics consisting of a lens, reflector and louvre, which previously proved to be successful for the Rekta 20. Aesthetically, the two product lines are very similar, which makes it possible to combine them in the same project. In addition, we used a newly developed LED board from Tridonic with connectors placed on the back, creating space that clearly benefits the efficiency of the luminaire.


Rekta 30 2.0

Rekta 30 2.0 fits the slats of climate ceilings

A notable advantage of the Rekta 30 2.0 is its versatility. The luminaire can be used autonomously, either as a pendant or surface-mounted luminaire, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Just like the Rekta 20 and Rekta 30, this new solution is a perfect match for the SAPP or 30BD climate ceilings.

Applications and optimizations

The Rekta 30 2.0 can be applied in various contexts. Due to its high level of modulation, it offers an excellent solution for both small and large-scale projects where the energy aspect is a priority. Aesthetics and lighting comfort are always a central theme. We are constantly working on optimizations within our product range to improve maximum flexibility and ease of use. In this case, the manually adjustable top brackets for installation in climate ceilings are a notable feature.
This gives customers the freedom to install the luminaires themselves according to the position of the supports and this regardless of the type of ceiling. We are excited to be able to meet the needs of our customers even better thanks to the Rekta 30 2.0.

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