8 January 2024

Sustainable lighting comfort through knowledge platform De Derde Long

At Multiline, we focus on independent expertise and insights about sustainable lighting comfort. Together with 10 other partners from the construction sector, we organize workshops and symposiums. We also publish relevant articles and publications via our knowledge platform De Derde Long. Our goal? We aim to develop and share our expertise with the sector, acquire knowledge and use it efficiently in our projects.

De Derde Long

Twice a year, De Derde Long organizes an inspirational event with a specific theme. The theme of this year’s first event is “Biophilic design: from ego to eco-architecture”. Three experienced speakers will discuss the impact of design and biophilic architecture on humans. The strength of these events lies in the effective cases presented by the partners of De Derde Long, which are directly linked to the respective theme.


De Derde Long

‘Is our health also affected by architecture?’

The event in October 2023 explored the impact of acoustics, light and indoor climate on our health. During this event, we proudly presented the new office building of construction company Dethier, focusing on general light comfort. Our case was substantiated by Wouter Ryckaert, Professor of Industrial Engineering at KU Leuven. He shared his insights on Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and visual comfort.

Watch the full recording of this inspirational event.


Inspiratie event De Derde Long


In addition to knowledge transfer, these events of De Derde Long provide an opportunity for networking. This is supported by our B2Build Academy, a networking organization that brings together architects, engineering firms, building owners, energy experts, governments… by facilitating interaction among all members. What makes this collaboration even more special is the fact that the focus lies on sustainability and knowledge sharing instead of pure commercial gain.

For architects, engineers, engineering offices, professional builders, interior designers, contractors, business managers and building owners, De Derde Long is a valuable source of information. The events and publications of De Derde Long encourage new cross-disciplinary developments with the future in mind. A vision we are happy to be a part of.

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