13 May 2024

Functional and pleasant light for Argenta Boechout

In collaboration with interior designer Bossuyt, we provided the lighting for the Argenta bank office in Boechout. The goal was to have both functional lighting and pleasant mood lighting in the reception area and some meeting rooms.

Argenta Boechout

This smaller project, with an entrance hall, a reception area and meeting rooms required functional lighting with spotlights in the corridors and linear lighting in the meeting rooms. Both direct and indirect lighting can be seen in this project. All profiles are equipped with satin LED diffusers. Bossuyt wanted to give the different areas a pleasant atmosphere via mood lighting. Thanks to previous collaborations, Bossuyt was well aware of our product range. They knew exactly which luminaires they needed for Argenta Boechout. They preferred one of our newer products: Grip. Thanks to their input, we were immediately able to respond properly to their needs.

Pleasant light with Grip

With the wall-mounted Grip, we were able to provide indirect lighting on the walls of the waiting area. The principle is that all the electronic parts remain in one single profile. If there is ever a defect, you can easily remove the cover plate can easily come off and immediately see the cause of the defect.


Grip in opbouw

Functional light with Rekta 40

With the multifunctional Rekta 40×70, we combined accent lighting and functional lighting in one profile. With this combination, we created accents toward the cabinets and also provided sufficient lighting for circulation. The result is a luminaire with both linear lighting and directional spotlights.


Rekta 40-70

The same dedication for every project

We always offer advice on the color of the profiles. In this case, we chose white profiles for all rooms in order to match the color of the ceiling. By matching the color of the profile to the color of the ceiling, everything fits perfectly on a visual level.

The great thing about smaller projects like this one is how smooth everything flows. As they often have to be completed within a short period of time (6 months), we have to make quick decisions. We see the good cooperation with interior builder Bossuyt confirmed in the number of new requests. This customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Regardless of the size of a project, Multiline will offer you a customized solution. Contact us for professional lighting advice.

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