12 December 2023

Accent lighting: creative lighting design

Lighting design is more than just adding light to a space; it is an art form that greatly improves the atmosphere and experience of an entire building. At Multiline, we understand the subtleties of light. We create ambient and accent lighting that blends seamlessly into the architecture and enhances the function of a space.

Lichtarchitect en klant bespreken samen het lichtontwerp van accentverlichting

A play of light and shadow

The approach to accent lighting is quite different from the conventional lighting standards. The lighting design for an indirect wall is much more playful and focuses on subtly influencing the interior and atmosphere of a space.

Whereas for offices we make very precise calculations for efficient lighting with specific optics, we use a very different approach for indirect lighting. We respect the interplay between light and shadow and provide our clients with 3D renderings. These offer a realistic view of what the room will look like.


Ambient lighting in various spaces

Ambient or indirect lighting finds its way into various projects. In offices, we often see it in refectories, lounges, coffee corners and other social areas. Creating a cozy atmosphere is essential in these spaces, as it contributes enormously to the well-being of employees (WELL Building). In museums, we make a specific design with spotlights in order to accentuate both the art and the shadows on the sculptures. We always strive for a perfect balance between ambient and functional lighting, which we can only achieve thanks to our unlimited possibilities in terms of customization.


The ingredients of creative lighting design

For our lighting architects, ambient lighting is a creative outlet. Our team, with backgrounds in both lighting design and interior architecture, brings these two worlds together. We work closely with architects, give our advice in preliminary design phases, and ensure that lighting standards as well as the aesthetic demands are met.

A good example is the project Netropolix in the Square One office complex in Geel, for which we were given carte blanche for an initial lighting proposal. The contrast of a white ceiling with black luminaires creates a visually appealing interior. Customized 3-phase power tracks were integrated into the slats of the climate ceiling.



The office building of engineering firm Abetec also excels in harmony between aesthetics and technology. In the refectory, we used profiles with spot modules at the ends in combination with a satin diffuser in the middle. These were switched separately to create specific scenes according to the function of the room.


Grip: our choice for wall lighting

Some of our ambient lighting products, such as the Grip wall luminaire, are designed purely for accent lighting. These luminaires are ideal for waiting areas and other places where subtle lighting is desired. With variations of existing profiles and the ability to choose various RAL colors and color temperatures, we offer our customers a wide range of choices.

The goal is a coherent lighting experience

What defines Multiline as a supplier of architectural lighting is the consistency in our product range. By using the same type of luminaires with different lighting effects in a project, we create a coherent image. We maintain uniformity in color temperatures and paint finishing so that landscape offices and open areas are visually balanced.

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