10 November 2021

Custom-made ceiling lighting for the Square One office complex

For the new office complex Square One in Geel, our client relied on us for custom-made ceiling lighting.

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For the new office complex Square One in Geel, our client relied on us for custom-made ceiling lighting. In the design by Archiles Architects, we provided the lighting in the offices on different floors and the lunch area on the first floor.

This project found its way to Multiline via WATTT verlichting, our distributor in Turnhout, who had recommended us to the architect. Our first task was a detailed lighting study. The special SAPP®ceiling from the company Interalu would also be used in this project. This type of climate ceiling has a special acoustic value and also allows the installation of a special pipe system with cooling. Our Rekta 30 luminaires fit perfectly in line with the slats of the ceiling. We also made sure to match the colour of the luminaires to the colour of the ceiling.


Customised ceiling lighting, according to the rules of art

In this project, we took the European standards fully into account. The illuminance here is from a minimum of 500 lux to a maximum of 1000 lux, controlled by a dimmable system for all devices. Regardless of the layout of each floor, a separate brightness level can thus be set for each office and for each room. In addition, the customer also requested a central management system.

Furthermore, light spikes were not desired, which meant that we had to guarantee good light distribution. Thus we ensured a uniformity of at least 0.6 (this expresses the ratio between the lowest and average illuminance in a room). With an efficient louvre optic (UGR<19) we made optimal light comfort possible by minimizing glare. For workplace lighting, we always strive for an ideal balance between the functional and the aesthetic aspects, taking into account the needs of the users.

In the lunch area we provided 3-phase tracks with spots to create a more cosy atmosphere. These spots were then thoughtfully arranged in order to achieve the best result for the people in the dining area.


Custom ceiling lighting with Rekta 30 SAPP

These light lines were designed specifically for the SAPP climate ceiling. The lighting system consists of a 30x30mm light profile on which a 30x60mm profile is placed. This top profile is 500mm long and contains the driver. The advantage of this is that in the event of a defect, you do not have to open up the entire ceiling, you can simply unclick the fixture in question to replace the defective components. This way we guarantee efficient and user-friendly ceiling lighting.

Our lighting solution also included emergency modules. These ensure that 1 or 2 LED boards light up via a battery inside the fixture when an interruption in the permanent power supply is detected. On the escape route, these provide about 1 lux and around fire hose reels about 5 lux, which is certainly sufficient for emergency situations. The battery provides up to 1 hour of permanence and this can even be increased to 3 hours if legally required, as in the UK.

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