20 February 2024

Illuminating renovation of the historic courthouse in Antwerp

In the dynamic world of restoration and renovation, lighting often plays a central role in transforming spaces and creating certain atmospheres. This was also the case with the renovation of the historic courthouse on the Britselei in Antwerp. As the preservation of historical elements took center stage, this restoration required architectural solutions that went beyond the standard approach. This was not an easy task at all with a building dating from 1877. Unique and contemporary lighting solutions were developed to meet the specific requirements.

Oud Gerechtsgebouw Antwerpen

Multiline was on board from the beginning

At a very early stage, the project team counted on our lighting consultants and lighting architects for support with the architectural lighting. It was immediately clear that this project would be very challenging, given its size and complexity. For the installer, it was essential to find a partner that not only offered the required technical expertise, but also the logistical support to keep everything running smoothly. This allowed the installer to focus fully on the execution.


Nieuwe armaturen in oud gerechtsgebouw Antwerpen

Intensive collaboration

The installation was managed in several phases, with Multiline supplying materials every two weeks to ensure continued progress. To streamline the process, each delivered product was clearly numbered. This service guaranteed an organized worksite and was a huge relief for the installers, as they perfectly knew the location of each fixture. This logistical support was invaluable and made an efficient installation possible.

The project was characterized by a close collaboration between all parties involved. We had regular meetings with the project team to discuss the progress. This direct involvement and open communication ensured timely and correct deliveries.


Rekta 40

Customization and flexibility

A notable aspect of the courthouse renovation was the need for custom lighting for each room. Take for example the false ceiling with slats in the photo above: the fixtures had to fit seamlessly between the slats. Or take a look at the round fixture in the cafeteria in the photo below, which hangs perfectly straight, despite it being supported by only one suspension point. Our flexibility and ability to make adjustments to standard fixtures were crucial for this project. From technical drawings to samples, we provided constant support and expertise to meet all expectations.


Anilo pendant in Antwerpen

An iconic result

The result is an iconic courthouse that has endured the test of time. Lighting that blends seamlessly into the architecture and meets the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics, makes this building an impressive combination of old and new. A visionary idea was transformed into a stunning reality, with each space telling a unique story.

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