20 February 2021

Developing customized lighting solutions with Stijn Pittomvils

Lighting that fits perfectly within a particular space. This requires customization, thorough quality research and often new developments. That is why we have our own quality & development department at Multiline. We evaluate our luminaires for each and every project and adjust them when necessary. Even for the most complex projects. Stijn Pittomvils, our quality & development manager, explains how detailed the quality and development process is at Multiline.

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Stijn: “I usually enter the scene when we are dealing with projects that are technically very different from the standard, resulting in complex lighting solutions. My expertise is mainly in the electrical-technical and mechanical-technical field.”

What exactly makes a project complex? “That can be very different from project to project. Just to name one of the most common examples: when our luminaires have to be equipped with sensors and connected to specific control or building management systems.”

“I also guide and assist our assemblers and technicians wherever necessary. Especially with the more difficult luminaires. Sometimes the wiring of a fixture can consist of 10 to 15 wires, which is a challenging situation. In these cases, I definitely support our workers with the assembly. That way I immediately know if what I have in mind is also possible in practice.”


Developing or adapting luminaires to meet the demands of every customer

“I regularly form a tandem with the lighting architect. If an installer tells us that he will use certain cabling or if he indicates that our luminaires must be equipped with, for example, extra sensors. Or if an architect wants luminaires that are slightly slimmer than our standard products. Then we start our brainstorm session: how can we adapt our luminaires? Do we need other electrical components? Is it possible to adjust the dimensions of our luminaires?”

“I research what the consequences are when we change certain specifications, because even a different color or different type of diffuser can affect the light quality. I help with maintaining an overview of the demands and solutions, and adapt the luminaire without compromising on quality, ease of installation or aesthetics.”

“Sometimes this leads to minor changes to existing luminaires, such as a mounting bracket being positioned differently. But sometimes it also leads to the development of completely new luminaires. That is how our popular Rekta 30 SAPP was created.”

“I think that is one of Multiline’s greatest strengths. Our luminaires are flexible and we possess the knowledge to adapt our luminaires to new circumstances, resulting in customized solutions based on technical, aesthetic and installation-specific requirements.”


Up to the date with the latest technological innovations

“Despite the fact that I mainly focus on the technical aspects, not only do I think along with engineering firms and installers, I also pay attention to what the architects desire. I am not architecturally trained, but I fortunately have an eye for the aesthetic aspect as well.”

“I find the world of light fixtures incredibly interesting. Naturally, this passion for light is necessary to stay on top of everything. Together with all my colleagues, I am always looking for interesting supplementary training. The market is evolving super fast, so it is crucial to keep up. In the interest of the future of Multiline, we continuously innovate and keep track of the latest trends. When new components such as drivers, ledboards or diffusers are being developed, they are on our radar. So that we can offer our customers even better solutions.”

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