23 April 2024

Cheap is expensive: why it’s better not to save on a lighting plan

You are probably familiar with the phrase "cheap is expensive” as lower-quality products often lead to higher costs in the long run. Unfortunately, building owners and installation companies are prone to forget this when choosing lighting solutions. Of course, it often proves to be a challenge to stay within a certain budget without compromising on quality and functionality. But how do you recognize an "expensive deal"? And what are the most common pitfalls when drawing up a lighting plan?

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The temptation to save money

An installation company often experiences pressure to cut costs when developing a lighting proposal. The temptation to deviate from the original specifications is strong, especially if it results in financial benefits. But is it really cheaper in the long run? And what disadvantages arise when deviating from the specifications? These are the 3 most common pitfalls in the search for qualitative and reliable lighting solutions.


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Pitfall 1: a lighting plan without a lighting study

Creating a lighting plan based on a detailed lighting study is crucial to ensure that the chosen lighting solutions meet the requirements of the project. It is always wise for building owners and installers to seek guidance from lighting experts. Making decisions based on price alone may lead to disappointment and additional long-term costs. It is important to understand that choosing quality and reliability is ultimately the best investment, even if it seems more expensive at first sight.

The value of expertise and support from a trusted partner such as Multiline should not be overlooked. It is essential to understand what makes the price of a product and the pitfalls of choosing cheaper options. At Multiline, we always think along with both the builder owner and installation company in order to choose the best quality within the budget.


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Pitfall 2: calculations in the short term

It is tempting to opt for cheaper luminaires or to omit certain features in order to stay within a certain budget. However, the initial savings will probably result in higher costs in the long run. Inferior components need more repairs and maintenance, which will ultimately be more expensive than investing in high-quality, long-lasting lighting solutions from the start.

Pitfall 3: compromising on ease of installation

How easy will the on-site installation be? Do you still need to assemble the luminaires? Will each luminaire be programmed separately? Is this all included in the price? One by one important questions when choosing a lighting solution.



Once again, the manufacturer’s service and support is crucial to making the installation efficient and flawless. At Multiline, we excel in well-organized deliveries. For example, we ensure that all of our products and components are carefully sorted and prepared so that it is quickly clear on site which luminaires should go in which room. Some companies consider this to be a minor detail, but we understand that it makes a big difference to a lighting installer, and consequently to the building owner.

Choose an experienced partner with the required know-how

It is tempting to opt for cheaper options to save costs, but this can ultimately lead to more problems and higher costs down the road. It is therefore crucial to work with a reliable partner like Multiline. We are happy to provide you with our expertise and support in creating a lighting plan and choosing the right lighting solutions. Contact us if you are looking for a reliable partner to assist you throughout the process.

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