16 October 2023

Accentuate your building with outdoor architectural lighting

Outdoor lighting has a major impact on the aesthetics, safety and functionality of a building. When you place outdoor lighting strategically, you can highlight certain features of a building or define its overall appearance. In our product range, you will find several products that serve specifically as outdoor lighting. In this article, we take a closer look at the possibilities of architectural outdoor lighting.

Architecturale buitenverlichting

There are several types of outdoor lighting:

  1. Ground-mounted luminaires (ground spots)
  2. Projectors (on a pin)
  3. Bollards
  4. Posts
  5. Ceiling and wall luminaires

A specific type of luminaire is chosen according to the architecture of the building and the desired lighting effect. When the lighting effect takes priority, spotlights or projectors are mainly used, for example to illuminate bushes, trees or facades. Ground-mounted luminaires are usually chosen to make the lighting blend in with the environment. Projectors are needed to illuminate objects from above. Walkways or parking lots, in turn, are usually illuminated by posts and bollards, which normally match the architecture of the building.

Multiline’s range offers a wide variety of product families such as Clip and Artres, which are available as bollards, posts and wall luminaires. Nio in turn is a versatile bollard available in different heights. With some pride, we would also like to add that a couple of our luminaires such as Metro, Artres and Nio received the renowned IF design award and European design award.


Nio buitenverlichting

Hermetic product design

An important requirement for outdoor lighting is the water resistance. This is why outdoor lighting differs from indoor lighting on a technical level. A hermetic design with waterproof housing ensures that the electronic components do not become damp. This is very important for ground-mounted luminaires or posts, which are anchored 80 cm into the ground to ensure stability.

Outdoor lighting is therefore subject to higher protection, which must be at least IP44. At Multiline, most outdoor fixtures have a IP65 or IP67 rating, which offers full protection against dust and touch in combination with water jets from all directions or immersion to a depth of 1 meter and 30 minutes. For our waterproof light line system Tube 90 we went one step further with an impact resistance IK10. This makes Tube 90 extremely suitable for use in public places, such as the train stations of the Dutch railroads.


verlichting openbare ruimte


We carefully test all of our fixtures. For example, we submerge our ground-mounted luminaires completely in water. In addition, we supply these fixtures with a pre-assembled connection cable so that the hermetic housing always remains intact during installation. This cable is always equipped with a water seal that guarantees a watertight and airtight electrical connection.

Lighting studies for outdoor lighting

We make the necessary lighting calculations in order to achieve the desired light output,. When we make a lighting study for outdoor lighting, we take the entire environment into account. To illuminate a tree, for example, we do our calculations based on the type of tree, its age, etc. This way we know how big the crown will be and can determine the beam angle of the spotlights. Thus, we map all objects and surfaces in detail.


Put your project in the spotlight with Multiline’s luminaires

Outdoor lighting is a crucial element in the architecture of a building and enhances aesthetics, safety and functionality. Multiline always thinks along with the customer in order to realise a project that is both attractive and practical. Our luminaires are available in standard or fully customized designs. Contact us for more info about our product range.


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