23 April 2024

Acoustic panels in combination with lighting: Atlantis and Plato

In the world of modern architecture, where hard materials such as concrete and glass predominate, good acoustics often prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, acoustic panels with lighting offer an elegant solution, allowing a flexible optimization of room acoustics. We present to you: Atlantis and Plato.

Akoestisch paneel met verlichting in bureauruimte
Plato is een

Plato: customized lighting and acoustics

Plato is an interesting concept that stands out for its flexibility and adaptability. The product is made of recycled PET material and has not only excellent acoustic properties, but also provides various possibilities for personalization. From company logos to specific textures, Plato can be customized to perfectly fit the aesthetics and functional needs of any room. With integrated light lines and the ability to integrate other luminaires such as Rekta 30 and Rekta 40, Plato offers a unique combination of lighting and sound absorption.


Atlantis is een akoestisch

Atlantis: acoustic comfort with suspended panels

Atlantis offers a different approach by using suspended acoustic panels in combination with light lines. The panels are made of Basotex material, which provides even higher sound absorption than Plato. As a result, the Atlantis is ideal for rooms in which the need for acoustic comfort is higher. These panels can be used in combination with Multiline profiles, or as wall objects, making them a versatile solution.

The perfect color palette

To ensure that these acoustic lighting fixtures perfectly match the aesthetics of any room, a wide range of color options is available. From black and light gray to vibrant colors, the possibilities are endless. This makes it possible to create a harmonious whole.


Acoustic optimization

Although we are lighting experts rather than acoustic experts at Multiline, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our solutions meet the highest acoustic standards. Thanks to the guidance of specialists in acoustics, we can find the ideal solution for each space, taking into account factors such as the size and function of the room.

Light and sound in perfect harmony

Acoustic lighting offers an innovative solution to the challenges of modern architecture. With Plato and Atlantis, spaces can not only be illuminated, but also transformed into comfortable and functional environments where sound and light come together in perfect harmony. At Multiline, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality solutions that meet their needs in terms of both lighting and acoustics.

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