27 January 2022

Playful lighting for office building Haex

For the new office building of the building company Haex, we reviewed the lighting plans made by the engineering office. Where the concept allowed it, we gave the design a more playful look.

inkom kantoor haex

Review of the lighting plans

Engineering companies approach us for different reasons. Some want us to provide expert advice on or a review of their lighting plan, while others ask us to design the entire lighting plan for them.

For this project, we supported the engineering office Multis with the lighting design of their plans. The largest part of the building has a SAPP ceiling. We provided our Rekta 30 SAPP luminaires for these climate ceilings. In the offices, they are equipped with VDT louvre to minimise glare (UGR<19).

Fresh design elements give the building more character

In the entrance hall, the ceiling was quite low, so recessed luminaires were the ideal solution to preserve the openness. If it fits the concept, we also try to integrate fresh elements. In this project, for example, you can see that the light line in the entrance hall extends from the ceiling to the wall. In addition, playful ring luminaires give the entrance a nice look and immediately draw attention from outside. An entrance hall is the first impression a person gets of a building, so it should also stand out.

In the multi-purpose room with perforated acoustic ceiling, we proposed both surface-mounted and recessed luminaires. This was a difficult decision for the customer to make. Technically, both options were equally suitable for the room. The choice did have a visual impact. In such cases, we try to highlight the difference by sending photos of previous projects. Or we show 3D images of our lighting, in which we also make the calculations.

A technical review of your lighting plan or a complete lighting design? We can do both. Are you interested in our expertise? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!


Rekta 30 SAP
VDT louvre in the offices
Satin diffuser in the corridors


Location: Oudsbergen

Engineering office: Multis

Installer: Eddy Verbiest

End client: Haex


In de polyvalente ruimte met geperforeerd akoestisch plafond stelden we zowel opbouw- als inbouwarmaturen voor. Een moeilijke knoop om door te hakken voor de klant. Technisch gezien is er geen voorkeur voor een van beide opties. De keuze had wel een visuele impact. In zulke gevallen proberen we het verschil duidelijk te maken door foto’s van eerdere projecten door te sturen. Of we laten 3D-beelden zien uit ons verlichtingsprogramma waar we ook de berekeningen in maken.

polyvalente ruim

Een technisch nazicht van uw lichtplan of een volledig lichtontwerp? Wij doen het allebei. Hebt u interesse in onze expertise? Neem dan zeker contact met ons op, we helpen u graag verder!


Gebruikte armaturen

Rekta 30 SAP
– In de kantoren met een BAP-raster
– In de gangen met satiné plexi



Locatie: Oudsbergen

Studiebureau: Multis

Installateur: Eddy Verbiest

Eindklant: Haex



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