5 June 2023

“Every project is different, that’s what makes it challenging”

Her colleagues call her good-humored, spontaneous, well-structured and versatile. With these qualities, Carmen brings every challenge on her path to a successful conclusion. 8 years ago, Carmen had never heard of KNX, DIALux or DALI. Today she makes her own lighting calculations and production drawings. She is very passionate about her work.


Fresh out of school, Carmen started at Multiline as a young graphic talent. Initially, her main task was the creation of graphic material such as banners, web pages and the Multiline catalog of no less than 800 pages. “I have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making that catalog.”


Because of her interest in the field, Carmen learns something new every day. Today, her job includes much more than just the graphic material. “Actually, I am a jack-of-all-trades. The graphics are now a much smaller part of my job. Nowadays, I support our sales department with orders, I prepare specifications and technical sheets, I do project follow-up, I organize our marketing, and so on. In addition, I also help with lighting calculations in DIALux.”

New challenges

“Soon I will start visiting our clients as a lighting consultant. This is something completely different from what I did before, but after 8 years it is a logical next step. For the design of our catalog, I had direct access to the source of all the information. That’s how I got to know our entire lighting range. I am also the main contact for some customers, for order confirmations for example. I don’t mind sitting at a desk, but I am also a social person. Therefore, I am especially looking forward to the face-to-face interaction in my new role as lighting consultant.”


“Our fixtures are qualitative and timeless”

“What I personally find so unique about Multiline is that all of our products are available in a custom-made version, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. The most impressive projects, are often also the most challenging. A lot of work goes into them. At Multiline, we successfully complete these projects thanks to our efficient production process, which is in the hands of experienced craftsmen. This makes us proud of every project. One project that I will never forget is the headquarters of technology company Nedap in the Netherlands. For their offices, we provided a large light line structure consisting of many L and T connections. I made all the complex production drawings myself. I have also chosen our Rekta 40 I, Edge 55 and Anilo to lighten up my home. These are my favorite products because I love the combination between sleek, straight and curved light lines. Our fixtures are qualitative and timeless.”

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