22 April 2021

A unique configuration of light lines at technology company Nedap

Light lines may surprise you with how versatile and unique they can be. This becomes clear when you see the exceptional light structure that we developed for technology company Nedap. The perfect proof that linear lighting can be flexible and playful.


Nedap is a technology company based in Groenlo, the Netherlands. We had the opportunity to create a very uniquely shaped light structure in their open offices.

Our partner LichtWerkt Nederland took care of the communication between all the parties involved. The lighting designers of Studio Rublek had already determined the lighting concept. They had drawn a very large configuration with many L and T connections. You could compare it with a complex maze of lines.

The eccentric shape gives the structure a playful appearance, while the light lines ensure that the whole unit doesn’t look chaotic. This fine balance ensures that the structure is clearly present in the landscape office, without drawing too much attention.


Technology is just as important as the aesthetic

The whole picture had to be correct, both the aesthetic and the technology. We faced the following challenges while working on this project:

  • The lighting had to be evenly distributed over the light structure, without the points of the leds being visible. We therefore chose to place the LED inserts deeper in the profile.
  • We also adjusted the type of drivers. At the request of the customer, we used as few drivers as possible.
  • The luminaires were equipped with a daylight control system and sensors. By dividing these sensors over 16 different groups, the lighting could be dimmed separately according to the proximity of windows or natural light.
  • We had to take into account the position of the suspension points and adjusted the placement of our LED inserts in the luminaires accordingly.
  • Our advantage: we have very short LED inserts that are used to fill up the light lines nicely, making it possible to create the structure with the originally requested dimensions.

Ease of installation

We provided extra support between the L and T connections. This not only strengthened the structure, but also made installation easier.


Direct communication

We visited the customer at the start of the project, together with the lighting designer of Studio Rublek and our partner LichtWerkt Nederland. We showed them a sample of the T and L connections as well as a sample of a complete profile, including the LED inserts and the requested technology. We also explained to them how they should assemble and install everything correctly. Having all parties together was the ideal occasion to coordinate and fine-tune all the aspects of the project.

This close communication is very important to us. It guarantees an even better end result.


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Project information

Project name: Nedap

Location: Groenlo, the Netherlands

Lighting design: Studio Rublek

Distributor: LichtWerkt Nederland

Photographer: Gerke van de Hoef

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