9 March 2023

Architect Frédéric Van Damme: “the confirmation of a long-term relationship”

Abetec is a full-service provider for the construction industry. The company consists of a multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers. When designing their own office building, they naturally took on the role of architect and engineer. The lighting? They entrusted it to Multiline. Frédéric Van Damme, director at Abetec, looks back on the collaboration with Multiline.

Frédéric Van Damme

Abetec’s vision

Abetec has been a well-known player in the field since 1969. Frédéric is the second generation of the family Van Damme who continues to expand the family business, even beyond the national borders. Both in the private and public sector, from offices and warehouses to service flats and schools.

“The basis of an Abetec project starts with a beautiful and functional architectural design. We can reinforce it with the design of stability and techniques.” Frédéric explains. Abetec’s unique service can show its full potential in total projects that go beyond architecture. This includes, for example, specialized project management, coordination and feasibility studies.


Every little detail had to be perfect

Multiline supplied the lighting for the entrance hall, refectory, seminar room, offices, corridors and meeting rooms of our own office building. Frédéric looks back on this collaboration with satisfaction: “For the lighting of our headquarters, we obviously wanted LED fixtures. From an architectural perspective, we also had high demands. It would make no sense to have an architecturally impressive ceiling if the luminaires don’t match that architecture at all. That’s why we reached out to Multiline. To be honest, they were the only manufacturer who could meet all our technical requirements. As a result, we received a very nice solution. Multiline supported us with advice and practical assistance. They gave us guidance in terms of architecture and the different luminaires that could be used.”


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Working comfort in a very broad context

Three important aspects took center stage when designing the lighting for the Abetec offices: aesthetics, lighting comfort and a homely atmosphere. For aesthetics, we mainly looked at the shape of the luminaire. For example, we chose the Rekta 30 SAPP luminaire for the climate ceilings. This profile has the exact same width as one ceiling slat and can therefore be perfectly integrated into the SAPP ceiling. Together, it looks like one beautiful whole. Thanks to the use of louvres as diffusers, the light is emitted at a certain angle in order to avoid annoying light beams on computer screens or glare. Finally, integrated downlights with spot modules and a small beam angle offer a play of light and shadow, and thus creating the homely atmosphere.


The balance between aesthetics and technology

Connecting luminaires to the general alarm system? Determining the light intensity of luminaires according to the activity in the room? Integrating lighting systems into a climate ceiling? Thanks to the in-house development and manufacturing at Multiline, we deliver reliable customized products that meet your specific technical requirements without sacrificing any of your aesthetic needs.

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