10 November 2021

Waterproof lighting for hydrogen refuelling station with a futuristic touchtion

For an innovative hydrogen refuelling station, we carried out a detailed lighting study and provided waterproof profiles that are a perfect fit. If the goal is to stand out, then the right lighting can certainly make that happen.

waterdichte verlichting

The hydrogen refuelling station H2Platform is located within the port area of Antwerp and has a spectacular view of the Port House. There is also a depot for tankers right next to the site. The customer’s request was simple: they wanted a lot of light at this location, namely 500 lux, which is atypical for a refuelling station and particularly high for an outdoor location.

Lighting study as an ideal basis for advice

Based on a detailed lighting study, we recommended our TUBE 90, a waterproof module consisting of a co-extruded housing with impact-resistant polycarbonate. Adhesive LED strips were not an option here as their light output was not sufficient. All luminaires were fitted with high-quality LED boards and integrated drivers.

Customised and waterproof lighting: a difficult combination to find

Rekta 40×70 light lines were also integrated into the wings of the station, which can change colour. Blue when a refuelling station is in use and white when it is free. The light systems were also fitted with blind covers at the end of the wings for the electrical connections.

At other places, such as the tanker depots and the outside of the quay walls, the TUBE 90 was also chosen. In addition to the standard applications, this waterproof model (IP65) can also be customised, which certainly makes this luminaire unique in the world of outdoor lighting. The luminaire is also very easy to connect, thanks to the included counter, which almost makes it a plug-and-play system.

Unique eyecatcher

This is a special project realised by Ekinetix and CMB TECH in the port of Antwerp. This is the first hydrogen refuelling station in the world with ‘green hydrogen’ for trucks, buses, cars and even ships. The reason for choosing this extraordinary amount of light was mainly commercial: they wanted to make this unique hydrogen refuelling station stand out.

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