20 January 2021

Linear lighting systems and suspended luminaires in perfect harmony @ NAC Laakdal

The New Administrative Center Laakdal houses an interesting variety of municipal services. The center consists of different building materials, has diverse room layouts and poses many acoustic challenges. We provided linear lighting systems and suspended luminaires tailored to each room, but in perfect harmony with each other.


NAC Laakdal is a public building with various functions. The local library, the police station, a day care, the council chamber and the offices can all be found here. At the request of the engineering company Sweco we drew up a lighting proposal from A to Z, based on empty floor plans and the required standards and values for each room.


Customized lighting technology and installation method for each room

Rooms with different functions require different lux values. We worked out separate lighting studies for each room and carefully selected the appropriate diffuser and electronic components for our light fixtures for optimal lighting comfort.

The building consisted of different building materials. First and foremost, the diverse ceiling types in the rooms were important to us. Heraklith, concrete and baffles were present in the NAC. Each material required a different type of installation for our light fixtures. We adapted our luminaires to the ceiling type and thus guaranteed perfect integration and maximum ease of installation.


Harmonious variety

In order to not get a mishmash of lighting fixtures, we always used the same Rekta 65 linear lighting. Both as a ceiling-mounted and -recessed model. We combined these light lines with circular luminaires as eye-catchers, such as the surface-mounted and pendant versions of the Sferio and the pendant version of the Anilo with direct/indirect light emission.

Our luminaires were connected to a daylight control system and automatically adapt to the amount of daylight in a room.

Combination with acoustic elements

Certain rooms in the NAC presented us with an extra challenge: due to the high ceilings and concrete floor – sometimes in combination with a concrete ceiling – the acoustics left much to be desired. That is why acoustic elements were installed on the ceiling. We took this opportunity to position our light lines between the panels. By doing so, we created a beautiful unity of acoustics and light.


Pendant luminaires and light lines: Balanced end result

We are proud of the result: all the rooms are perfectly illuminated, have a uniform light distribution, pleasant acoustics and a modern look.

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Used products

  • Sferio Direct satiné
  • Anilo Direct/Indirect satiné
  • Rekta 65



Projectname: NAC Laakdal
Location: Laakdal, België
Architect: Archiles architecten
Engineering office: Sweco
Dealer: Elektriciteitswerken Nuyts
Photographer: Kris Rogiers

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