20 February 2024

ENEC certification for our products: a guarantee of safety

Soon we will receive ENEC certificates for a range of our products. The ENEC certificate, an abbreviation for "European Norms Electrical Certification," confirms the safety of our luminaires and all their associated components for the whole of Europe. This aspect is of great importance to our company.


The ENEC certificate is a European Mark for electrical products that are compliant with European safety standards. While CE certification indicates that a product complies with the EU product safety directives and can be declared by the manufacturer of the product, ENEC certification goes a step further. It requires external inspection by an independent third party, to ensure that products meet specific standards, such as EN-60598-1 for lighting.



A guarantee of long-term safety

Our products and all their associated components have passed a series of tests and trials to ensure safety and quality in various applications. In addition to strict product standards, ENEC certification also requires a factory inspection. This inspection ensures that we consistently manufacture our products to the same standards over an extended period of time.

ENEC certification offers our customers and partners the long-term peace of mind they want and need. Strict safety and quality standards have always played a crucial role in our development and manufacturing process. For example, we have been ISO 9001 certified for nearly 30 years now. The guarantee that not only our production, but also our management system is in line with international quality standards.

Continuous innovation

At Multiline, we always take a critical look at the performance of our luminaires. In our test laboratory, we simulate worst-case scenarios in order to analyze our products and carry out measurements in various conditions. Each test result is carefully documented and saved for further verification by an external agency. The approval process takes a huge amount of effort, but we are happy to make it for the benefit of a safe end product. This is not only important for the building or installer, but also for the end user.

Are you looking for a reliable, safe and high-quality lighting solution for your project? At Multiline, we will work with you to achieve excellence. Contact us for a proposal tailored to your needs.

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