20 February 2021

Customized lighting at construction company Vanderstraeten

Customized lighting? We developed and manufactured individual light fixtures for the new office building of the construction company Vanderstraeten. An architectural masterpiece with a focus on a meticulous finish and advanced techniques. We produced customized indoor and outdoor lighting that lit up the building and made it float figuratively.

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The challenges

The building and interior

  • The building had many windows. As a result, we had to take into account a lot of natural light.
  • Many rooms were very white: white cabinets, ceilings, walls and desks. To ensure that employees could work comfortably, without being bothered by glare, we had to adjust our luminaires accordingly.
  • Most desks were also adjustable in height. This feature also had implications for the luminaires.


Building management system

The light fixtures had to be connected to the building management system. Daylight control was a must.


Architectural preferences

The architect did not want a louvre in the light fixtures, but we did have to achieve the required UGR values (glare) for office lighting. Where a louvre is normally the solution for this, we had to look for an alternative solution with customized lighting.

In addition, the architect wanted to create the illusion that the building was floating. Our outdoor lighting had to contribute to this look.


The result indoor

We implemented our Hideline luminaires as surface-mounted and pendant versions in the offices and meeting rooms. As the architect did not like the visual aspect of a louvre, we used a luminaire in which the diffuser is situated deeper in the profile and is therefore not immediately visible. In addition, we gave the inside of the profile a black color. This black inner profile absorbs the light rays, which further reduces the risk of glare. An aesthetic solution that also ensures a uniform light distribution.

To connect the luminaires to the building management system, we integrated DALI drivers in our customized lighting. The luminaires are thus linked to the existing automation system and can be operated centrally. Daylight control is also possible via this automation system and the integrated sensors.

An additional advantage of DALI drivers is that the lighting systems are dimmable in function of the height of the work surface. If the desks are higher, the light can be dimmed more. This way, both light and visual comfort are guaranteed.


The result outdoor

To make the building float figuratively, we placed LED strips at the bottom of the building. Metro LED ground spots put outdoor elements in the spotlight, such as the tree in front of the entrance and the name sign VDS.

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The driveway and the path to the entrance are illuminated by Artres bollards. A popular model which has won an iF Design Award for its architectural design.

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Used products

– Hideline luminaires

– Metro led ground spots

– Artres outdoor lighting



Projectname: Vanderstraeten
Location: Lummen, België
Architect: Styfhals & Partners architecten
Engineering office: P.Poelmans bvba
Dealer: Limec
Photographer: Kris Rogiers

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