30 September 2021

Acoustic lighting with a design touch at The Greenhouse – NH Schiphol

The Greenhouse, the restaurant of NH Schiphol, lives up to its name. Restaurant guests dine among the greenery in a construction that resembles a glass greenhouse. Our acoustic lighting contributes to a pleasant restaurant experience in terms of aesthetics, lighting technology and acoustics.

akoestische verlichting

The unique setting of The Greenhouse presented some challenges in terms of lighting and acoustics:

  • Both the ceiling and the walls are made entirely of glass, resulting in poor acoustics. Fortunately, we have various solutions when it comes to acoustics. Read more about it here.
  • It is a challenge to mount suspended luminaires correctly to a glass ceiling.

Norbert Staneke, project manager at Lichtwerkt Nederland, worked out a complete lighting plan that overcomes the challenges described above, and also fits perfectly with the overall aesthetic look of the restaurant.


Floating light fixtures

Norbert Staneke: “Together with the manager of NH Schiphol, the project management of C&R Hospitality Services and the interior architects of B+B Interieurarchitectuur, we started looking for a lighting solution that would suit this greenhouse both aesthetically and technically. Based on the ideas that we came up with during our brainstorming sessions, we drew up a lighting plan that included the linear luminaires from Multiline.”

We opted for a rail system in matt black, which is attached to the glass structure with almost invisible steel cables. Next, we suspended the acoustic lighting from this rail, resulting in a nice whole with visually floating luminaires.

Acoustic lighting for support

During the further development of the interior concept, it became clear that the acoustics in the restaurant also had to be considered. After all, the glass ceiling creates a challenge in terms of acoustics, which is important in a restaurant setting where you want to dine and talk with your company, without background noise drowning out your conversations.

Norbert: “Plants, carpet and other acoustic materials were part of the solution. I also suggested attaching acoustic panels with brackets to the linear luminaires. I knew that Multiline could offer these products, so they could provide a customised solution with the Atlantis.”

A different atmosphere for every setting

It was important that the lighting could be adjusted in order to fit with different scenarios or moments. Norbert: “During breakfast the lighting has to create a different atmosphere than for example during dinner. Lichtwerkt Nederland came up with a number of presets, together with the installer SDR Elektrotechniek.”

“Emergency lighting was also integrated in the linear luminaires, and all fixtures can be dimmed without causing any nuisance. This way, the amount of light and the desired atmosphere can be adjusted at any time.”

The excellent end result is thanks to the strong cooperation between all parties involved: from the client with the initial idea to the aesthetic, practical and technical elaboration by the interior designer, lighting consultant, installer and manufacturer.

Are you looking for stylish lighting that at the same time significantly improves the acoustics of your rooms? Contact us for more information about our customised solutions.


About The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a restaurant that is part of the hotel NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The concept of the restaurant is inspired by the typical Dutch greenhouse where vegetables and flowers are grown. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of meals in the restaurant, from a breakfast buffet to dinner. A lot of attention is paid to seasonal ingredients from the local region.



– Rekta 40

– Atlantis acoustic panels



Location: Hoofddorp, Nederland

Architect: B+B interieurarchitectuur

Light designer: Multiline Nederland

Installer: SDR Elektrotechniek

Photography: Gerke Van De Hoef

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